Source Code Movie Trailer – Duncan Jones returns after Moon

source_code_1_thumb.jpg Source Code is the second movie directed by Duncan Jones who gave us the very awesome and low budget sci fi flick Moon starring Sam Rockwell. Source Code is staying on a similar track with a science fiction storyline that follows the story of a soldier Coulter Stevens played by Jake Gyllenhaal. He becomes part of a government experiment that sees them investigating the bombing of a train to prevent future attacks but they are not doing it in a conventional fashion
Catch up on the latest movies online

lovefilm_thumb.jpg Whether you are looking to catch-up on all the latest movies, watch childhood favourites or view that show everyone has been talking about, watching movies online is a step in the right direction. As well as an assortment of new and just released movies, the World Wide Web also provides film fanatics with the option of indulging in old classics.
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Wasting Away Movie Review

wasting_away_1_thumbnail.jpg Wasting Away is a zombie flick with a big difference; instead of your typical humans run from zombies, here we have a movie that focuses on the zombies and shows the events from their eyes. The real kicker is that the zombies don't even realise that they are zombies they just wonder why everyone else is moving really fast and speaking at double speed