Hood of Horrors Movie Review

hood_of_horror_1_thumb.jpg Hood of Horror is a hip hop horror anthology fronted by Snoop Dog and features three stories from the ghetto which are bookended by Snoop himself. The first story follows a young girl Posie played by Daniella Alonso who is a graffiti tagger who finds a way to get revenge on the other taggers who graffiti over her work
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The Joneses Movie Review

the_joneses_1_thumb.jpg The Joneses is one of those movies that never really got pushed but has such an interesting idea for a movie that it's well worth a look just for the premise alone. Writer/director Derrick Borte first forey into film direction follows the story of the joneses who promote products in affluent suburbun areas, making sales through product placement in their own lives which they then show off to their wealthy neighbours, creating a sales ripple effect through the neighbourhood.
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