Scott Pilgrim Vs the World – Posted

scott_pilgrim_vs_the_world_posted_1_thumb.jpg Currently Scott Pilgrim Vs the World is doing the business on the review side of things getting more than positive reviews pretty much everywhere. Edgar Wright has always been a stylish director which you could see in the early episodes of Spaced
Centurion Movie Review

centurion_review_1_thumb.jpg Centurion is director Neil Marshall's fourth movie and my favourite of his so far. Centurion follows the story of the legendary Roman Ninth Legion who in 114 AD were in the Scottish Highlands during the invasion of Britain the legion find themselves in a war with the local Picts, the Celtic dwellers of the Highlands
Quick Movie Review Roundup – Inception, and Knight and Day

inception_2_thumb.jpg Okay this week we have a bunch of movie roundup from the last few weeks for you to take a look at. Gracing our quick movie review roundup today are Christopher Nolans Inception, and the big screen remake of the A-Team which looks to capture the appeal of the TV show. First up let's start with Christopher Nolan's Inception, which is obviously a labour of love for Nolan
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Tron Legacy Full Movie Trailer Finally Arrives

tron_legacy_full_trailer_thumb.jpg We finally have a full trailer for the upcoming Tron Legacy, the long awaited sequel to the 1982 classic with Jeff Bridges reprising his role as Kevin Flynn and Garrett Hedlund playing the now grown up Sam, Flynn's son. Also on the cast of Tron Legacy are Olivia Wilde as Quorra a virtual program warrior, Michael Sheen and John Hurt. Interestingly enough the French electronic music duo Daft Punk are in the film and also score the soundtrack which just makes me want to see this movie even more