Max Max – Road Fury

mad_max_fury_road_1_thumb.jpg The fourth movie in the Mad Max series is looking to be on the big screen in 2011 and it will be a twenty six year gap between this movie and the last, Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome. On the cast for certain is Charlize Theron as a yet unamed character and rumoured to be playing Max Rockantansky himself is Mark Hildebrandt, although this is just rumoured currently
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Takers – Movie Trailer

takers_1_thumb.jpg Takers is an upcoming all star cast filled crime thriller that sees a crew of high level theives who are drawn into a robbery against a gung ho detective aiming to spoil their plans. The cast of the robbers include Paul Walker, Chris Brown, Idris Elba and Hayden Christensen. Also on the cast we have Zoe Salander who you might recognize from Avatar although in this movie she is noticbly less blue. Played the good guy in the movie is Matt Dillon the hard boiled cop who is looking to take the crew down
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Cop Out and Happy Tears – Posted

posted_cop_out_1_thumb.jpg This week in Posted our round up of the coolest and newest movie posters we have to very different poster styles for you to take a look at.
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Frozen – Movie Trailer

frozen_1_thumb.jpg If you ski or snowboard, you might want to give this trailer for Frozen a miss. Frozen follows the trials of two snowboarders and a skier played by Kevin Zegers, Emma Bell and Shawn Ashmore. The trio end up trapped on a ski lift before their last run down the slopes, but the slope staff don't realize they are up there and all the lights and electricity is turned out leaving the three stranded
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Predators – New on Set Photos

predators_a1_thumb.jpg The new Predators movie directed by Nimrod Antal, and produced by Robert Rodriguez has it's first unofficial photos released and they show us some of the main cast and more importantly the Predators themselves. Hopefully this will be a nice step back into the world of the Predators and take us away from the miserable AVP movies thats really didn't hit the mark
Pixelated – Movie Quiz Game – 20

pixelate_blue_1_thumbnail.gif Pixelated returns to your web browser after a short hiatus and we have a more modern movie poster for you today. The aim of the game is to work out which movie poster this is, after we pass it through our special Pixelated filter that makes your job much harder. The clue this week we have already mentioned this is a recent movie and was pretty well received.
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Duncan Jones directs Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan in Source Code

source_code_1_thumb.jpg News has broke that Moon director, Duncan Jones has now got his leading cast for upcoming science fiction thriller Source Code. After the critical success of Moon it appears that the fast rising director has pulled together a great cast for Source Code which is due to start filming early this year, and is pushing his other project Mute out of the way until Source Code is finished.
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Faster and More Furious as Two Sequels are Confirmed

fast_and_furious_review_1_thumbnail.jpg Vin Diesel has confirmed by his Facebook page that he has received a two story script for the next two Fast and Furious franchise movies. It seems that Diesel is back on board for the franchise that made him a household name, as he describes in his post below.
A-Team Movie Trailer Surfaces – We Love it When a Plan Comes Together

a_team_5_thumb.jpg With the new A-Team movie all set to surface in summer this year, the first trailer for Joe Carnahan's big screen version of the TV hit show has arrived. We get to see all the team do their thing in possibly one of the most disappointing trailers i've seen this year so far!
Sam Mendes rumoured to be the next Bond director

james_bond_23_thumb.jpg Good news for the Bond franchise, well possibly good news, with Sam Mendes rumoured to be in the running for the directing mantle on the next James Bond movie. Daniel Craig is returning once again in a role he has successfully made his own, after an explosive start in the brilliant Casino Royale and a decent outing in the slightly lacking Quantum of Solace
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