The Descent Part 2 – Trailer

the_descent_part_two_thumbnail.jpg The Descent was one of the most edge of your seat tense movies that I've watched and while i was biting my nails to pieces i was also unable to stop watching and by the end of that year it was probably my most recommended movie to anyone who hadn't seen it. The Descent actually went down pretty well everywhere and for a low budget English movie directed by Neil Marshall it did great business which of course means that the inevitable sequel was always a possibility
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XXX 3 is Coming Soon – Vin Diesel on Board

xxx_3_thumbnail.jpg So with the return of Vin Diesel can they make XXX 3 a success, because in the second movie we were told about the death of Xander Cage, but it seems the rumours were false, and that Xander faked his own death to escape the National Security Agency. Now Cage is heading back there after a 8 year break
A-Team Casting News Almost Complete

a_team_1_thumbnail.jpg The A-Team are all set to return back to our screens albeit on a bigger stage, yes the long rumored A-Team movie is finally shaping up. This has been a movie rumour for years with all kinds of directors and actors supposedly attached to the project, yet it finally seems as though some hard facts are coming out about this big screen re-invention of one of the classic 1980's TV shows
Posted – Zombieland and Legion

zombieland_posted_1_thumbnail.jpg This week in posted we have two movies that have similar levels of violence but deal with them in very different ways
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Avatar Trailer Finally Lands

avatar_5_thumbnail.jpg The wait is finally over and the official Avatar trailer is online. It's been a huge wait will all the hype and build up this movie has had, but we finally get to see what the movie is going to look like, and you can check out the full trailer below
Surrogates – Science Fiction Flick Starring Bruce Willis

surrogates_1_thumbnail.jpg Surrogates is a soon to be released science fiction movie starring Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Rosamund Pike and Ving Rhames. Set in the future Surrogates is staged in 2017 and the world is a very different place,people live almost in isolation using remote robotic bodies that look identical to humans, called surrogates. These surrogates allow people to travel into the real world without any fear of harm or danger which all changes when humans using surrogates start dying while inhabiting their robotic clones
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The Wolfman – Benecio del Toro gets hairy with new trailer

the_wolfman_2_thumbnail.jpg The upcoming remake of The Wolfman starring Benecio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt, has been pushed back on its release date again. The Wolfman is now due to hit out screens in February 2010 but it's not all bad news as Universal has brought us a new trailer for the upcoming period werewolf flick
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Pixelated – Movie Quiz Game – 10

pixelate_mix_1_thumbnail.gif Pixelated returns with more movie poster quiz fun for you in this weeks edition. This movie poster is a classic and so is the movie, i think this will be pretty easy for you hardcore movie fans so why not take a look and see if you can guess this weeks Pixelated.
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Ninja Assassin – Ninja Action Movie Trailer

ninja_assassin_1_thumbnail.jpg Ninja Assassin is an upcoming action revenge flick starring Korean pop star Rain as Raizo one of the deadliest assasins in the worlds history, kidnapped as a child Raizo was brought up by the Ozunu Clan who are an underground organization. When the Ozunu Clan kill Raizo's friend, he goes into hiding only to later emerge looking for full revenge to avenge his friend
New Moon Trailer and Videos

new_moon_1_thumbnail.jpg For all you Twilight fans we have a New Moon trailer fest with the original trailer and some interviews for the upcoming second part of the very popular Vampire trilogy based on the books by Stephenie Meyer
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