Gamer trailer now released – Watch here

gamer_movie_trailer_thumbnail.jpg Gamer the upcoming futuristic online game where players control prison inmates in real world combat situations has its first trailer release. Definitely a movie for the online first person shooter playing fans, gamer has fairly unoriginal plot line that seemingly looks to be borrowing quite a lot of its plot from Death Race 2000 where the combatants in the game are actually death row prison inmates who though playing the game have a chance to have their sentences overturned
Bubblegum Crisis making the live action crossover, what do you think?

bubblegum_crisis_live_action_thumbnail.jpg Bubblegum Crisis is the latest Japanese anime to be getting the big screen live action makeover, this time though its not quite as straight forward as you may think. While Bubblegum Crisis became a cult hit after it's 1987 straight to video release it appears that the weight is being spread with the investment on this adaptation
Joss Whedon does movie horror – The Cabin in the Woods

cabin_in_the_woods_thumbnail.jpg Joss Whedon’s upcoming 2010 horror shocker, The Cabin in the Woods has so far been successfully shrouded by mystery with no definitive plot lines or cast lists being released. So far the only storyline we have is that a group of kids visit a cabin in the um woods. Yes amazing I know!
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Sherlock Holmes trailer Guy Ritchie style

sherlock_holmes_4_trailer.jpg Guy Ritchie's reinvention of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes has a new trailer out, and it is pretty full on! This re-invention of the Sherlock Holmes saga is depicted as a new portrayal of the eccentric character with Downey reported to be playing Holmes with more emphasis on this physical abilities and bohemian nature as oppose to the thinker we have previously seen in earlier adaptations
Zoolander sequel highly possible, Stiller mentions Zoolander 2 on talk show

zoolander_sequel_1_thumbnail.jpg Its official Ben Stiller mentioned he was finding the right script for the follow up to the very funny and one of my fave Ben Stiller movies, the pretty amazing and very silly Zoolander! How can you forget the classic plot line which involved the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too and the assassination of a president all in one film
Get Smart – Review

get_smart_review_thumbnail_1.jpg Get Smart is a remake of an old TV show, amazingly its one I haven’t seen or heard of before and in this remake they have done a stellar job with the casting. Maxwell Smart is the lead character played by Steve Carell, Smart is a bumbling but intelligent agent who just isn’t quite front line material
Yes Man – Film Review

yes_man_review_1_thumbnail.jpg Yes man is definitely a Jim Carrey movie, it has all the trademarks and while it’s not as slapstick as some previous films it’s still got that unmistakable taint. It doesn’t matter who directs or writes the films that Jim Carrey stars in he still ends up stealing the show and making the movie his own
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Gamer – Futuristic online gaming gets a little more real

gamer_1_thumbnail.jpg Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor the writer/directors who came up with the very full on movie Crank, have turned out another slightly off the wall movie concept in upcoming movie Gamer starring Gerard Butler. The title should give something away in what appears to be a take on the game show style movies we have seen before with a new twist bringing the movie format up to date for the online generation
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Up and The Big Shot Caller – Posted

up_posted_1_thumbnail.jpg In this edition of Posted we have two new movie posters for you to take a look at. One is a low budget indie film about a man gaining his mojo back through salsa dancing and the other is the latest animated film from the mighty mighty Pixar
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Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen and Pandorum – Posted

transformers_posted_1_thumbnail.jpg This week in Posted we bring you two big movies due out later this year, both sure to light up the big screen with lots of visual eye candy, action and tension
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