From Paris With Love – Travolta and Besson

paris_with_love_1_thumbnail.jpg John Travolta is due back on the big screen this time starring in French movie From Paris With Love, written by Luc Besson and Adi Hasak with influence from Pierre Morel the director of the sharp, snazzy and fast paced District B13
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X-Men Origins – Wolverine – Trailer and news

xmen_origins_wolverine_1_thumbnail.jpg If you haven't seen the full trailer for the upcoming X-Men Origins - Wolverine, then now is a perfect time to check it out, jam packed full of snippets of info about the story and some pretty impressive action sequences
3 Christmas movies – 3 Things

3_things_xmas_special_thumbnail.jpg Its that time of year again were you are all busy running about, going crazy shopping and getting all your presents bought and wrapped. You probably also busy getting everything done at work ready for the festive period, with your workmates entering more and more heightened levels of stress and panic as festive mayhem kicks in
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Twilight Review

twilight_1_thumbnail.jpg Twilight follows the story of Bella Swan a 17 year old that moves in with her father in a gloomy forest town of Forks, Washington, when her mother and new boyfriend are upping and moving to Florida. At her new school Bella is the subject of a lot of interest of the local boys and is quickly befriended by a small group
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Julia Roberts and Clive Owen star in Duplicity

duplicity_1_thumbnail.jpg Duplicity is a film that looks to be set in the cat and mouse/con man tradition we have seen before in plenty of films and stories. Most recently made popular in the Ocean’s trilogy, which also happens to share one of the stars of Duplicity in Julia Roberts
Trailer for the upcoming action thriller, The International

the_international_1_thumbnail.jpg The trailer for this upcoming action thriller looks tense and on the edge of your seat stuff. The film stars Clive Own and Naomi Watts who respectively play a Interpol agent and a district attorney who work together in an attempt to bring down a very powerful and very corrupt bank
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The Spirit is coming, my city screams, she is my lover, and I am her spirit

the_spirit_trailer_1_thumbnail.jpg Frank Millers adaptation of Will Eisner's The Spirit is all set to land this December in theatres near you. With the writing and direction handled in the main by Miller who was pretty much hand picked by film producer Michael Uslan, and Uslan who had promised the creator Eisner that he would not let the project go to someone who didn’t get the tone of the comic
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New Watchmen and Star Trek theatrical trailers

watchmen_6_thumbnail.jpg Zach Snyder’s upcoming Watchmen movie has another full trailer out now and it looks pretty damn good. With some seriously slick visuals and lots of attention to detail that easily stands up to high definition scrutiny, I’m expecting that fans of the comic book cant wait to see this one
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