Raiders of the Lost Ark – Rewind

raiders_of_the_lost_ark_1_thumbnail.jpg Recently I’ve re watched the Indiana Jones films and noticed something’s I didn’t notice before good and bad, either way it’s been a blast, watching some of my favorite and most well loved movies
Xchange – Rewind

xchange_1_thumbnail.jpg Xchange is a 2000 science fiction story that is based on a technology created in the near future by a company call Xchange. They offer a service where humans can swap bodies with another, and can be there in person at a meeting half way across the world using this new technology
David Goyer brings us supernatural horror thriller, The Unborn

the_unborn_1_thumbnail.jpg David S Goyer has a new supernatural thriller on the way, entitled The Unborn, and is keying up for a January 2009 release. Goyer is writer and director on this movie and his name will be well known to some movie fans, as he’s been involved with many well known science fiction and comic book movies
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Cyborg Soldier review

cyborg_soldier_1_thumbnail.jpg As a fan of movies and just as big a fan of mixed martial arts, when I heard that former UFC middleweight champ Rich Franklin was stepping into movies, and I was suitably intrigued. Well Cyborg Soldier is the title of Franklin’s first step in the world of movies and it’s a low budget affair
The Good, The Bad and The Weird, $9.99 and Watchmen

good_the_bad_and_the_weird_posted_thumbnail.jpg Once again we have 3 stylish posters for you to take a look at from Korean remakes of classic spaghetti westerns to stop motion animation to Hollywood blockbusters on their new favourite movie genre, the comic book adaptation
New Star Trek photos surface

new_star_trek_1_thumbnail.jpg JJ Abrams much awaited reboot of the Star Trek universe is getting closer to its release, and in true movie hype build up style were getting something every few months just to keep our interest piqued
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30 Days of Night gets itself a sequel

30days_thumbnail_1.jpg If you haven't had a chance to see the original yet and like your vampire movies, then 30 Days of Night is well worth checking out
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Quantum of Solace smashes previous records

quantum_of_solace_trailer_1_thumbnail.jpg Quantum of Solace has on general received above average reviews around the world, not quite as astounding as Casino Royale but that somewhat to be expected. Regardless the latest Bond movie is racking up money at the box office in its opening weekend in the UK