Guy Ritchie updates Sherlock Holmes

sherlock_holmes_2_thumbnail.jpg As you may have heard recently there are two movies due to be shot featuring one of the most famous fictional detectives ever. Sherlock Holmes is due back on the big screen with one movie due to be directed by RocknRolla's Guy Ritchie and one to be produced by Judd Apatow
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21 review

21_review_1_thumbnail.jpg 21 is based on a true story of a group of M.I.T students, we see the story from Ben Campbell eyes played by Jim Sturgess. He is a gifted mathematician and scholar who gets headhunted by his lecturer Micky Rosa
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Stephen Chow and Seth Rogen making The Green Hornet

green_hornet_1_thumbnail.jpg Good news for Stephen Chow movie fans, remember Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle? Maybe if you’re a big fan you’ve even seen a few of his earlier movies like King of Beggars. Either way Stephen Chow has signed on to star and direct in Seth Rogen’s big screen version of the Green Hornet
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Cowboy Bebop Live action movie on the way

cowboy_bebop_movie_thumbnail.jpg One of mine, and many other people's favourite anime series Cowboy Bebop is reported to be making its way into a live action big screen movie
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New Mike Judge movie on the way

office_space_extract_1_thumbnail.jpg Mike Judge, of many well known movies and TV shows fame is due back on the big screen in his latest movie Extract. The movie stars Jason Bateman who is the owner of a flower extract plant that is living in fear that his wife played by Kristen Wigg is having an affair
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Rocknrolla review

rocknrolla_review_1_thumbnail.jpg Rocknrolla is Guy Ritchie’s latest foray into his most successful genre, the comedy gangster movie, sporting a well thought out plotline, lots of silly character names and some embarrassing situations
Quantum of Solace new trailer

quantum_of_solace_trailer_1_thumbnail.jpg James Bond's upcoming outing, the Quantum of Solace now has a full trailer out. If the trailer is anything to go by the latest Bond movie which see's Daniel Craig reprising his role as the new tougher and brawnier version of Ian Flemmings chraracter
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Babylon A.D. Review

babylon_ad_review_thumbnail.jpg The near future is a dark place and when a mercenary called Toorop takes a job that involves transporting a girl he picks off more than he can chew. This is the world of Babylon A D, directed by Mathieu Kassovitz who later slammed the studio who he believes has massacred his movie
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RocknRolla Reviews Ride in

rocknrolla_reviews_1_thumbnails.jpg RocknRolla Guy Ritchie’s latest London underbelly gangster flick is nearly due out and slowly but surely the reviews are starting to come in. So, and this is the question, after 2 less than good films in Swept Away and Revolver, has the magic come back
Ridley Scotts Bring us Body of Lies

body_of_lies_1_thumbnail.jpg Ridley Scott is due to be back on the big screen around October time with his new political thriller Body of Lies. With regular Scott collaborator Russell Crowe on board with a large supporting role, Body of Lies follows the story of a CIA Operative played by Leonardo Dicaprio
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