Movies Illustrated 2007 Movie Awards

movie_awards_2007_thumbnail2.jpg 2007 brought us some great movies all across the board, lets take a look at some of the the good films, the strange ones and a few other bits and pieces from this year
Posted on - December 30th, 2007 |
Night Watch – Rewind

night_watch_thumbnail_3.jpg Nightwatch was and still is a good looking movie, with stylish lighting, design and special effects. Hailing from Russia, Nightwatch is a blockbuster mythology/vampire movie that is an adapted from the first in a trilogy of famous books
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The Signal, Horton hears a who & Drillbit Taylor – Posted

the_signal_posted_thumbnail.jpg Once again this week we have a good mix of posters from a variety of genre's and movie styles. First up is the The Signal a horror film that is dragging its heels on its release. After first being shown at the Sundance in early 2007, well its finally due to be released in February 2008 after a year long wait
Crank 2 – High Voltage – movie sequel news

crank_4_thumbnail.jpg The star character of Crank 2, Chev Chelios, the man with a short amount of time and a lot of energy is back with a confirmed title for the sequel to 2006's Crank. Even though I suggested Cranked as a suitable new title no one has listened
Posted on - December 24th, 2007 | Tags: , , ,
Ice Age 3 – Back in Digital 3d

ice_age_3_thumbnail.jpg Ice Age one and two were both pretty massive overall successes and of course Fox Animation are bringing back the cast for a third Ice Age outing. If this new movie is as fun as the last couple, then I doubt anyone is going to be complaining to loudly
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The Dark Knight, the Joker and Batman & Speed Racer – Posted

dark_knight_jokerposter1_thumbnail.jpg This week we have a mix of new posters, including the 2 new Dark Knight posters that finally look the part. The previous posters for the Dark Knight have been a mix of bad and worse, with all of them being appetizers for the main dish
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Batman Trailer – more of The Dark Knight

dark_knight_new_thumbnail_4.jpg It took a long time coming but there is finally a proper trailer for The Dark Knight along with a couple of new posters for Batman's new movie
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American Gangster – Review

american_gangster_thumbnail_1.jpg American Gangster is a Ridley Scott movie with high aspirations and somewhat epic intentions. It doesn’t quite live up to its epic intentions but at the end you’re happy to let it go due to the gripping nature of the film and all its good points
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The X Files 2 – Mulder and Scully are back

XFiles_thumbnail_2.jpg The X files are due to be re-opened, with Mulder and Scully back on the paranormal investigations. After the cult, then mainstream, then back to cult success of the X-Files a movie was always a strong likelihood, with the first X-Files movie being released way back in 1998
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National Treasure 2 – The Book of Secrets – News

national_treasure_book_of_secrets_thumbnail_2.jpg National Treasure 2 is due out this Christmas season with the fancy title National Treasure 2 – title here. All the major cast players are back on board from the original which was a big success for Disney, filling in that family action movie niche that appeals to all ages
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