CJ7 – Stephen Chow is back soon

cj7_thumbnail_1.jpg Stephen Chow is getting increasingly popular thanks to hit movies like Shaolin Soccer and more recently Kung Fu Hustle. Both movies featured a rather unique mix of characters and styles, combining martial arts, slapstick humour, comedy and self belief. Which is exactly the reason i'm looking forward to CJ7, Stephen Chow’s latest movie
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Cloverfield – J J Abrams new movie is due out soon

cloverfield_thumbnail_1.jpg Cloverfield is a JJ Abrams produced movie, due out in early 2008 all around the world. Not much is confirmed about the movie yet, with the exception of some viral internet marketing and a trailer that hints at the atmosphere of the movie without giving anything away and the plotline or the cause for the ensuing chaos
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Jurassic Park 4 – News, Cast and story details

jurassic_park_thumbnail_4.jpg With 3 movies behind the franchise, Jurassic Park 4 is rumored to be being released in 2008. With Spielberg on board as producer and Laura Dern returning from Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 3 we have some familiar faces around
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Final Destination 4 – Back in 3D

final_destination_4_thumbnail_1.jpg From the highly successful Final Destination series of movies, we now have another sequel, the fourth in the Final Destination series
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Balls of Fury – Review

balls_of_fury_thumbnail_4.jpg Set in the world of ping pong, Balls of Fury is a comedy sports movie that doesn’t take itself seriously. We follow the story of the main character Randy Daytona that was a childhood ping pong star that lost an important tournament match
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Riddick could be back – David Twohy talks

riddick_movie_thumbnail_2.jpg So Pitch Black was an out of the blue blast of sci-fi fun loaded with great characters in a gripping scenario. It launched the anti hero character of Riddick which director David Twohy brought back in the Chronicles of Riddick the second of a planned trilogy. Riddick however didn’t make a lot of cash at the box office but has since done more than well in the DVD format
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Mystery Men – Rewind

mystery_men_thumbnail_1.jpg Mystery Men pokes fun at the superhero genre as we follow the exploits of a group of wannabe super heroes who just aren’t very good at being superheroes. Constantly overshadowed by Captain Amazing who is the city’s well know crime fighter
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Pirates of the Caribbean – Jack could be back

pirates_of_the_caribbean_thumbnail_1.jpg Pirates sequels on the way? Well, Movieweb had a little snippet from Gore Verbinski, who was talking about whether the Pirates of the Caribbean world will continue
Jumper, Strange Wilderness & Earth – Posted

jumper_posted_thumbnail_1.jpg Jumper is another movie to be adapted from a book of the same title by Steven Gould. Jumper is a science fiction story based around certain humans 'Jumpers' who can teleport and travel from place to place. The story follows David Rice a young man played by Hayden Christiansen, who discovers he has this genetic abnormality the ability to jump
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JJ Abrams Star Trek is Looking for the unique

star_trek_abrams_thumbnail_1.jpg JJ Abrams new star trek movie has a lot of buzz about it, rumour of returning actors from previous Star Trek movies and tv shows? Who is cast who isn't, is Abrams gonna bring his magic Star Trek?
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