RocknRolla, Guy Ritchie is back

rocknrolla_thumbnail_1.jpg Lock Stock & Two Smoking barrels was the most stylish British movie to turn up in ages back in 1998, it was also a big hit and rightly so
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Eastern Promises

eastern_promises_thumbnail_1.jpg David Cronenberg the often talked about but seemingly much loved by hardcore movie fans is back with a new movie. Eastern Promises a story based around Russian gangsters was a hit at the 2007 Toronto film festival
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Ratatouille – Review

ratatouille_thumbnail_1.jpg Ratatouille is a Pixar animated movie, based in France. We follow the story of a Rat, Remy who can and wants to cook, unlike most rats who are happy to eat scraps and off food
Posted on - October 26th, 2007 | Tags: , , ,
Live Free or Die Hard – Review

live_free_or_die_hard_thumbnail_2.jpg McClain is back Living free and dying harder, yes Live Free or Die Hard is the latest, the fourth movies in the Die Hard series, which sees old school world domination plan spoling John McClain back in action
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I Am Legend, Fred Claus, Before the Devil Knows your Dead – Posted

posted_i_am_legend_thumbnail.jpg I am Legend is a movie that is a Will smith movie, this doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to dislike it, but he often seems to have more control over his movies that other stars, which means that it will most likely be tightly organized and fitting for the Will Smith brand.
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Fracture – Review

fracture_thumbnail_1.jpg Fracture is a straight as an arrow movie, with an unflashy but gripping setup. We follow Willie Beacham played by Ryan Gosling who take on a DA Prosecution case against Theodore Crawford played by Anthony Hopkins
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Once – Musical Award Winner

once_thumbnail_1.jpg Once is a movie that is riding on the back of film festival success and from what everyone is saying about this movie is that is it really something special
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1408 – Review

1408_thumbnail_1.jpg 1408 is a spooky and tense movie at points, with some slightly saggy bits, but the general overview is it’s a decent shocker/supernatural story with a well cast John Cusack playing the disillusioned writer/haunted house investigator Mike Enslin
Posted on - October 16th, 2007 | Tags: , ,
AVP 2 – Aliens Vs Predator : Requiem

avp2_thumbnail_1.jpg Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem is the sequel to the 2004 movie Aliens Vs Predator. If you were unfortunate to see that movie then you might not really be too bothered about this movie, I wouldn’t blame you either.
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Oceans 13 – Review

oceans_13_thumbnail_3.jpg Oceans 13 is the sequel to Oceans 12, which wasn’t a very good movie, this was the sequel to Oceans 11 which was a pretty good entertaining slick and cool movie.
Posted on - October 11th, 2007 | Tags: , , ,
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