The Kingdom, Alvin and the Chipmunks and The Dark Knight – Posted

the_kingdom_1_posted_thumbnail.jpg Today we have another mix of posters for you, covering animation remakes of old tv cartoons, serious action dramas and the return of the most popular comic to movie character.
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HD-DVD & Blu-ray – No end in sight part 3

hddvd_bluray_thumbnail_5.jpg With High Definition you have two standard resolutions, both far inproved on the standard definition we are currently used too.
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28 Weeks Later – Review

28_weeks_later_thumbnail_3.jpg 28 Weeks Later is the cleverly title sequel to the virus/zombie survival hit 28 Days Later that was directed by Danny Boyle. This sequel has a new director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo with Danny Boyle back in a producer role
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30 Day of Night, Balls of Fury & Sweeney Todd – Posted

sweeney_todd_posted_thumbnail_1.jpg This week, were looking at scary and promising horror, pure comedy fun and quite possibly the first movie based on table tennis and finishing up with a dark gothic tale about the demon barber of Fleet Street.
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HD-DVD & Blu-ray – No end in sight part 2

hddvd_bluray_thumbnail_4.jpg You may have seen them in the shops with their colour branding in full force, both sides have gone for an obvious image and branding of their format. You would have to be having a bad day to buy the wrong format in the shops with them picking the opposite cool and warm colours of the spectrum to promote their brands.
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Knocked Up – Review

knocked_up_thumbnail_1.jpg Knocked up is a movie by Judd Apatow who you may know from TV shows like Freaks and Geeks or movies like The 40 year old virgin. In Knocked up we follow the life of Ben Stone an easy going stoner who lives with his buddies and survives from a payout cheque he got 10 years ago.
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Timeline – Rewind

timeline_thumbnail_1.jpg Timeline was a movie that has one of the worst trailers I have ever seen in the history of cinema, I remember when I saw it I instantly though that this is a movie I should avoid at all costs. So it’s a few years down the line and while at the DVD rental store I was looking for a movie to go into a 3 DVD for one type of rental deal and I saw this
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The Mummy 3 with most of the cast returning

the_mummy_3_thumbnail_1.jpg With Indiana Jones 4 hype news stories breaking all over, were going to take a look at one of the movies it inspired. The Mummy and The Mummy returns directed by Steven Sommers were very much Indiana Jones style adventures, with similar characters, tempo and visual styles. With a likeable cast including Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, Omar Sheriff and John Hannah, the Mummy was a rollercoaster theme park ride of a movie.
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Indiana Jones 4 – News and the official site

indiana_jones_4_thumbnail_1.jpg Maybe at Christmas time you look forward to your Christmas dinner, or maybe what you’re actually waiting for is those Christmas re-runs of Indiana Jones. They always seem to be on the TV
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Starship Troopers – Rewind

starship_troopers_thumbnail_1.jpg In the future the Earth is at war with the Alien bugs from Klendathu, and soldiers from the Earth’s military need to stop them. We follow the story of Johnny Rico who is just a student that joins the military along with the girl he’s dating to earn his full citizenship
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