The Most Sequels Ever

most_sequals_thumbnail.jpg The Most Sequels Ever is it a good claim or a bad claim? You have to really discount certain franchises here, firstly the Carry On set of movies which are not true sequels they are essentially the same story in different settings. Exactly the same applies for the James Bond series of movies, again they are not true sequels. So that brings us to one collection of movies with the most sequels ever which is..... Friday the 13th.
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Kung Fu Panda attack

kung_fu_panda_thumbnail_1.jpg In Kung Fu Panda we follow the story of Po, a panda who is well respected as one of the laziest animals in all of ancient China. Day to day he works as a waiter, but as all pandas do, hes has dreams of kung fu greatness.
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Doomsday will be upon us soon

doomsday_thumbnail_1.jpg Neill Marshall’s Upcoming movie Doomsday is looking pretty stylish and dark. The movie is set after a virus nicknamed the Reaper has infected Scotland and the country is walled off to stop the spread of the infection.
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Finishing the Game, 100 Bruce lee’s

finishing_game_thumbnail_1.jpgFinishing the Game is Justin Lin’s film and it had a highly original premise for a comedy film about the casting of an actor to play Bruce Lee. With a load of jump suited look-alikes and not quite a likes floating around this is definitely going to be interesting to watch it pan out.
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Pitch Black – Rewind

pitch_black_thumbnail_1.jpg Pitch Black turned up out of the blue, with one of the best trailers I've seen to date. It was minimal, visually stark and left you wanting more and intrigued to know what happened to the alcohol fuelled flame blowing man as he was surrounded in the darkness.
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The Nines – Nine minute clip and details

nines_thumbnail_1.jpg The Nines first came to light at the Sundance film festival earlier this year, and after seeing a nine minute clip (get what they did there,) from the start of the movie, it looks pretty intreuging.
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Hitman poster and news

hitman_thumbnail_1.jpg The new Hitman poster is looking very sharp and managed to catch my attention pretty easily when I first saw it. The poster is in its full glory at the bottom of the post and judge for yourself whether is a movie seller.
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Babylon A.D pictures and details

babylon_thumbnail_1.jpgBabylon Ad, has been attracting a lot of attention recently for all the wrong reasons, but with the marketing machine bound to be in full swing for this release, it’s not really that bad a thing for the movie to be getting some news coverage.
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Balls of Fury – News

balls_of_fury_thumbnail_1.jpg Balls of Fury firmly has its tongue in its cheek, with a movie baddie called Feng played by Christopher Walken, and a story revolving around a Ping Pong tournament how else could it be played.
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Disturbia – Review

disturbia_thumbnail_1.jpg The trailer for Disturbia showed just enough to get you interested, an old fashioned suspense story which many have likened to Rear Window by Hitchcock.
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