The Wicker Man – Review

wicker_man_thumbnail_1.jpg The original Wicker Man movie starring Edward Woodwood is a cult classic, so i was excited when i heard a remake was being made.
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The Oscars 2007

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Grindhouse is getting closer

grind_house_thumbnail_1.jpg More of the double bill B movie frenzy from two cool directors Rodriquez and Tarantino, yes its Grindhouse. So sticking to form we have Tarantino using well known actors who haven’t had the best run of luck lately, and i'm sure were going to have some fast pacing and some styles tunes from both movies.
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High Fidelity – Rewind

high_fidelity_thumbnail_1.jpg High Fidelity is a movie based on a Nick Hornby novel starring John Cusack. The film follows Rob Gordon played by John Cusask and is a perfect movie for him he does this role so well. I did enjoy the movie but I wasn’t sure if I would initially, its not the kind of movie i would normally go out of my way to see.
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28 Weeks Later news

28_weeks_later_thumbnail_1.jpg Its seems like ages since the shocker zombie movie 28 Days Later came out. Well it was years ago back in 2002, it had stylish visuals, great trailers and some eye-catching poster and promotional design coupled with direction by Danny Boyle.
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