Rush Hour 3, not much rushing at all

rush_hour_three_thumbnail_1.jpg Rush Hour 3 is due back on the cinema screen in August this year. Can you believe its 6 years since we last saw Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker team up on Rush Hour 2?
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Brotherhood of the Wolf – Rewind

brotherhood_of_the_wolf_thumbnail_1.jpg Brotherhood of the wolf is a movie that slipped under my radar completely until a couple of years after its release when i read about it, then went out and bought the dvd. Since then ive recommended it to many people.
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Smokin Aces Trailer

smokin_aces_thumbnail_1.jpg Smoking Aces looks stylish and bold, i hadn't heard anything about it until a couple of weeks ago, so now i'm pretty excited
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Live Free or Die Hard News

live_free_or_die_hard_thumbnail_1.jpg Back with a new title, the latest movie in the Die Hard Franchise is titled Live Free or Die Hard. John McClane is back most likely in a vest, hoping to ruin some criminal masterminds day. The story has been brought screaming up to date with the target this time a computer network system in the US.
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John Carpenter’s The Thing – Rewind

the_thing_thumbnail_1.jpg John Carpenter's the Thing dates back to 1982, i first watched it over 10 years ago on tv and it stuck in my head then and does now. This was down to its atmosphere sense of paranoia, split loyalties between the cast, some rather good special effects for the time and a very cool Antarctic setting.
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National Treasure 2 – The book of secrets

national_treasure_thumbnail_1.jpg National Treasure the Disney adventure movie from 2004 is getting a sequel, I remember watching the original a while back and it was a fairly fun movie, while at the same time not being anything amazing.
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Resident Evil Extinction news

res_evil_apoc_thumbnail_1.jpg The 3rd Resident evil movie is in the works, produced by video game to movie veteran Paul WS Anderson. It reprises Milla Jovanovich as Alice once again (actually in the first movie her character didn't even have a name) battling against those living dead folk with bad skin conditions.
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A Scanner Darkly – Review

scanner_darkly_thumb_1.jpg A Scanner Darkly is a movie based on a story by PK Dick who has a lot of stories already adapted for the screen and has influenced many others. In recent years you have Minority Report, before that you have Total Recall and Blade Runner. Just how good is A Scanner Darkly, does it stand up with the others?
The Italian Job – Rewind

the_italian_job_thumbnail_1.jpg In 2003 a reworking of the 1967 movie 'The Italian Job' was released. So 30 years and a much loved classic movie that is on tv most years at some point gets an update with a mainly american cast.
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