10,000 BC, Sex and the City & The Bank Job – Posted


This week we have another selection of up and coming movie posters from Prehistoric hunters in 10,000 BC, true life bank robberies in the Bank Job and the often talked about, and much delayed ,Sex and the City movie.

10,000 BC follows a prehistoric hunter as he battles to save his tribe from extinction and to save his kidnapped girl. The story doesn’t sound all that original but the visuals look good. The posters out for it so far are all pretty striking with nice use of colours and interesting dinosaurs and prehistoric creature designs which I always find interesting. 10,000 BC is due out around March this year.

Sex and the City was a massive TV hit, which helped to make all the main stars, well known names. Rumored conflict between the main stars has dogged the making of the movie version of the show for years. But now, for the fans of the show, that wait is almost over. The Sex and the City movie is happening with all the major stars turning up. The poster is eye catching for sure, and well um very pink!

Finally we have The Bank Job, the true to life story of a bank heist in 1971 that hasn’t been able to be told previously due to a gagging order. The robbery took place in London, on Baker Street, the thieves tunneled into the Bank and made away with 3 million pounds in cash, which back in 1971 was more than a small fortune. Jason Statham is heading up the cast, and the poster for The Bank Job looks pretty cool. With some obvious retro styling, and muted colours it looks like a poster from years gone by, I like it.

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